Taking Care Of Your Glasses And Sunglasses

Many of us wear glasses and sunglasses. However, the majority of us don't understand how to properly care for them, or allow us bad habits despite what we were told whenever we bought them. Keep reading for some helpful reminders and new advice on how to protect your investment and your vision, if you are wearing prescription glasses or sunglasses.

Putting Them On

Use both of your hands while wearing or taking off your glasses to prevent twisting or getting them damaged. Whenever you put them on, gently grasp the frame arms of one's glasses with equal pressure and carefully slide them on, lifting them over your ears. Utilize the same grip to take them off, sliding them up and forward. For more details on the usage of eyeglasses, you can checkout https://www.stevenalanoptical.com/ testimonials.


Make sure to not store your frames in anyplace but an adequately sized case. Leaving them on your mind can stretch and misalign them. Leaving them on a sink in your kitchen or bathroom can leave them covered in germs, which will then transfer to that person and eyes. Leaving them on the ground, on to the floor, or in bed is a total no-no, as anyone who has had his or her only set of glasses crushed can attest!

Lens Care

One particular maintenance technique may be the absolute most oft-forgotten: washing and cleaning your lenses. The tiny items of grit and dirt that our glasses encounter just from being on our faces will make tiny scratches on your own lenses, and over time, these scratches can begin to affect your general capability to see throughout your glasses and sunglasses.