Simple Rules to Success on Twitter

Twitter is one of the rocking social networking site and is used by almost everyone. Today it is not only popular on the news but is also popular among millions of people. Twitter is used by different types of people. The main reason behind its popularity is that people get to know more about other people. You can know more facts of twitter via

Given below are some of the rules that will help to get the success on the twitter.

1) You must try to be visible on the twitter. You must spend your little time on it so that you can know more about twitter. You must visit your twitter account on daily basis.

2) You must have a powerful profile. You must try to put yourself out there and must tell them clearly that why you need them as a friend.

3) You should use your twitter to share your messages with your friends. You must also thank people for sharing their tweet on you. You must also keep in mind that everyone there is watching what you say.

4) You can have access to the huge audience wherever you live. You must pay full attention to the messages on the twitter. Try to reply back whenever it is possible.