Surprise Your Guests With Your Beautiful Walls

Everyone has heard of vandalism due to graffiti, haven’t they? What about street art? Let’s look at the key differences.

Street art is constructive, authorized and sometimes paid for while graffiti is destructive. Street art adorns the landscape and is inspiring. Murals can be painted on walls, lampposts, roadsides, pavements, etc.  They are painted to improve the aesthetic appearance, to make a statement and to inspire.


Who paints these murals?

Street artists are employed to paint murals. They are employed by bands, concert holders, and event managers to entertain their audience. If you are bored and are looking for a new hobby, then you can paint too! There is a legal process for getting permission to paint on the street.

The Legal Jargon

You can travel around your city and find a venue to display your talent and release your ideas into the world. Once, you find a venue you have to consider a lot of factors like visibility, access, ventilation, acceptance of the neighbourhood, ventilation, obstructions, etc. If you are painting the walls on your property, then the only person you need permission from is you.

Once you have found your street art canvas, you have to get permission to paint it or get it painted. You can ask the owner of the property for permission to showcase your talent. If the property is owned by the government you would have to work a bit harder! You have to take the permission of the Department of Community Services and a ton other departments.

Most artists find themselves drawn to a particular area and you might be the same. Whatever the reason, an important life event or just a new hobby or perhaps some soul-searching, make sure you do it legally.