Major benefits of physical custody

The custody is need when the couple gets divorce. There is different type of custody present like physical custody, legal custody, sole custody, joint physical custody, joint legal custody etc.

In this article we will discuss about what the joint physical custody is? How it work? What are their benefits, and is this important for child and parent.

 In physical custody child physically live with their custodial parent. As physical custody the joint physical custody is also same. For gathering more info about joint physical custody you may visit  

In case of joint physical custody, both the parent share their time with their children. They not only share their time even the child takes care responsibility also equally divide.


There are some benefits available of the joint physical custody:

  • Living in both household: This means the child can live in both parent houses according to their mood. This joint physical custody law helps the child to make their relation strong and healthy with their parent. This also helps to develop the behavior of child.
  •  The study of joint physical custody says that, joint physical custodial child has good self-esteem, less feeling of rejection and they don’t suffer from “feeling of losses”.
  •  When Child lives with only parent, they express their anger on both individual parents. Such kind of child suffer more anxiety, get easily depressed and quiet.