QuestIRA: Your IRA Assistant

You probably have heard about QuestIRA, one of the professional IRA advisors that are running through the online system and are offering self-directed IRA to those interested in making a solid saving for their future retirement. So, what makes the company different from the others? What kind of specialty they can offer to you?


About QuestIRA

The company isn’t completely running online as everything starts from the brick and mortar establishment. The company’s headquarter is situated in Houston, Texas although their clients aren’t limited to that state alone. In fact, their clients are coming from different areas and states in the country, including the international ones outside of America. The business has started from 2003 so you can imagine what they have achieved all these years – and yet they still manage to stand tall and run the business! It speaks volumes of their expertise and qualification. The company’s headquarter is in Houston but they also have professional offices in Austin and Dallas, Texas, which allows the company to reach wider.


As you are well aware of, the IRA is the scheme or plan to manage your finance after you retire. Of course, you can always manage everything by yourself but the traditional IRA has many restrictions and limitations – unlike the self-directed IRA. That’s why the company dedicates themselves to provide different investment alternative, allowing their clients to invest their money in various manners fit to them, which also include gas and oil, real estate, private placement, notes, and such thing alike.


The Specialty

Their specialty is that they offer you accounts that are all self-directed. It means that you are free to make every decision about how you want to save the money and the professional staff at QuestIRA will provide the needed support and service. They will provide emotional and professional support and they won’t stand in your way. In fact, they will make sure that you get your goal and you will be happy with the final result.