The History Of Pepper Spray

Who could have believed half a century back the pepper we use so extensively for seasoning and for making our food flavor spicier and hot could one day be utilized as a weapon for self-defense? Y

et, here we are with an advanced self-defense spray called the pepper spray and it's a real tear jerker! Pepper as we all know, can get our eyes tear because of the quality that is spicy. You may find the best pepper spray on online websites.

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The History

In ancient India, it wasn't as popular as it absolutely was in China. A secret martial art society of people in historical Japan called for disabling their opponents for a long time, the Ninjas has been using grounded pepper. Historical evidence reveals that in the Tukagawa Empire era in Japan, the police used a weapon known as the "metsubishi." Metsubishi was, basically, a box consisting of chili pepper for blowing hot pepper into the opinion of individuals who were found guilty of some offense as well as the authorities used to use this box.

As stated by the evidence gathered, Mexican Indians were cultivating peppers in 5500 BC. A number of the types of pepper grown throughout that time include bell pepper in different colours, as well as chiltecpin, jalapeño, ancho, paprika, serrano, cayenne pepper. The fact about whether they used these different peppers for self defense or as weapons of defense during those times is unknown. A number of the more recent examples of the usage of pepper as a weapon can be dated back to the 14th and 15th century when slavery was rampant.

Chili pepper was used not only as a weapon of self-defense but also for treating wounds and during torture. As a matter of fact, pepper became a popular way of torturing people, offenders, and slaves.