Steps To Apply Foundation Effectively

There are so many ways and products out in the market today that are being applied to the face. Not everyone is a makeup fanatic and several women still struggle with applying their own makeup merely because they do not know the right steps or sometimes do not have the required products. If you want to look naturally beautiful and are looking for an effective way to apply your mineral foundation makeup, here are some steps to apply foundation effectively:

Courtesy –The Odyssey Online

  1. Make sure that your face is wiped clean. A face that still has remnants of last night or has not been cleaned properly is going to lead to a lot of breakouts and disastrous skin in the future. So make sure your skin has been cleansed clean.
  2. Some people prefer that you apply moisturizer; this is especially true for people who have dry skin. Applying foundation on dry skin can lead to flaky and cracked skin. Applying a moisturizer makes the skin soft and supple and also provides you with a good base to apply the foundation.
  3. Use a primer if you want to take care of your dark circles and marks. A primer is pretty much like a balancing product. It creates the perfect canvas for you to begin applying the base. The dents and marks can easily be covered. If you pair the primer with a concealer, it is even better, but this might be a tricky thing for people who are new to makeup to achieve.

Now that you have the three basic steps, you can easily apply foundation effectively.