Prepare Smoothies For Children Within A Few Minutes

Vegetables are rich in nutrients and very essential for the healthy life. However, it is hardly possible for us to consume them on the daily basis. Particularly children don’t prefer to take vegetables on the daily basis. In order to give them perfect taste and health together, you should put some extra efforts and provide the mixture of both with a smoothie. A smoothie is a perfect drink which can be prepared by mixing fruits and vegetables together. Just in few minutes, you can prepare it at home in your smoothie maker.  

In order to maintain the balance in the ingredients of the smoothie, you can take 40 percent fruits and put vegetables to fill the gap. For the sweeteners don’t add sugar. For this, you can add natural ingredients like dates, coconut powder, honey and maple syrup etc. it is commonly observed that children love fruits like orange, mango, pineapple etc. These are also a rich source of various vitamins and nutrients. Thus you should always give preference to such fruits in your smoothies.

For children, we are going to explain about a very special smoothie here which you can prepare in 10 minutes with a good smoothie maker.

Sunshine smoothie for children


–    Half cup baby carrots

–    Half cup orange juice

–    One cup froze pineapple chunks

–    ¾ cup plain Greek yogurt

–    Half cup froze mango chunks

–    One tablespoon honey

Procedure to prepare

The only thing that you should have in your kitchen to prepare this smoothie recipe is a good smoothie maker. Only a good smoothie maker can process a variety of material well and make it drinkable for children.

You can put the liquid base first, here in this recipe you should put orange juice and blend it for few moments. Now put rest of the ingredient and blend well until the smoothie is ready to drink. For the taste, you can increase the amount of honey and make it one more spoon. It is better to add ice to make it cool enough.