Taking Care Of Your Glasses And Sunglasses

Many of us wear glasses and sunglasses. However, the majority of us don't understand how to properly care for them, or allow us bad habits despite what we were told whenever we bought them. Keep reading for some helpful reminders and new advice on how to protect your investment and your vision, if you are wearing prescription glasses or sunglasses.

Putting Them On

Use both of your hands while wearing or taking off your glasses to prevent twisting or getting them damaged. Whenever you put them on, gently grasp the frame arms of one's glasses with equal pressure and carefully slide them on, lifting them over your ears. Utilize the same grip to take them off, sliding them up and forward. For more details on the usage of eyeglasses, you can checkout https://www.stevenalanoptical.com/ testimonials.


Make sure to not store your frames in anyplace but an adequately sized case. Leaving them on your mind can stretch and misalign them. Leaving them on a sink in your kitchen or bathroom can leave them covered in germs, which will then transfer to that person and eyes. Leaving them on the ground, on to the floor, or in bed is a total no-no, as anyone who has had his or her only set of glasses crushed can attest!

Lens Care

One particular maintenance technique may be the absolute most oft-forgotten: washing and cleaning your lenses. The tiny items of grit and dirt that our glasses encounter just from being on our faces will make tiny scratches on your own lenses, and over time, these scratches can begin to affect your general capability to see throughout your glasses and sunglasses.

Women Polarized Sun Glasses – A Must in Outdoor Recreation

Polarized eyewear is ideal for activities like fishing, playing golf, or hanging out at the beach, basically in places where light bounces off an area and comes off as glare. If you've ever gone fishing and experienced to stare at the water for a long time, you'll discover how unpleasant this glare can be. 

Even just hanging out at the beach or by way of a poolside on a warm day and seeing the light falling on the water leaves the same effect, so does looking at snow minus the protection of sunglasses. Wearing sun glasses which have polarized lenses would help a person enjoy these activities more. Even driving a motor vehicle on a warm day will be better in case a person was wearing polarized shades; glare will be reduced and driving would become safer. Well, one can buy designer glasses via https://www.stevenalanoptical.com/collection/womens-eyewear/.

Don't make the mistake of thinking that simply because sun glasses have dark lenses, they're automatically good at glare reduction – they're not. The lenses need certainly to undergo a particular process where they're given a particular coating in order that they filter unwanted light. 

And although they prevent harmful light waves from getting to your eyes, don't concern yourself with having the grade of your vision compromised. Colors will still stay true and natural, and images it's still crystal clear. Additionally, you can get the added benefit of protecting your eyes from harmful ultraviolet A and B rays. Constant contact with these rays over time may cause eye diseases like photokeratitis, cataracts, and macular degeneration.

Take Care of Your Eyes – Pick The Right Eye Lenses

There were times when wearing spectacle frames were considered to be an embarrassment as it used to make one look like a nerd or geek. Until recently, people would not wear glasses frames in public, to avoid the awkwardness. Today, the scenario has changed completely. 

Hollywood celebrities and the who's who of the fashion world can be regularly seen wearing different spectacle frames at different parties. There are numerous brands of spectacle frames available on the market that can make one look smart and trendy, just like their favourite celebrity. You can simply buy the trendy Women’s Prescription Glasses from Steven Alan Optical store at reasonable price.

These days to weeks, a wide variety of spectacles lenses can be obtained to avoid this hassle. Spectacles lenses, often referred to as clip on glasses and cover over glasses, can be purchased, which can be clipped onto your existing spectacle frames permitting protection from the sunshine. The most common show on spectacles lenses accessible are called polarized cups. 

Polarized glasses frames assist cut out any reflection that comes from flat surfaces such seeing that snow, water, roads and stuff like that. They also do not encourage the polarized light to reach a persons vision; therefore, the wearer has the capacity to see things in their own true light.

With all these options there isn't the fuss over choosing frames when you want to wear sunglasses. You can easily choose from the wide selection of glasses frames out there, but if you however need guidance, consult an eye specialist to read more.