Faux Painting: How to Apply Paint or Glaze

Faux finishes have a tendency to apply paint or glaze to attain the look that you have desired for your room. There are different techniques available to provide the stylish and unique look.

Although most of the people use a rag as the applicator, they apply it equally with sponges over a big region, particularly on textured walls, rather than to attain a sponge type pattern. One can also refer to paint but the instructions are equally applicable for glazes. You can head to colorcraftsmen.com/ to know more about faux paints.

1: Mix your paint until it flows easily.

2: Form your rag as a loose pad so there's a flattish surface to rub easily on the wall. It is best if the pad is big enough so your fingers are not in contact with the wall as you work, but manageable enough to control and hold without unraveling.

3: Keep your rag wet so that it carries enough water to thin out the paint as you're working with it. Dunk the rag in water and squeeze it out until it stops dripping.

4: Apply a small amount of paint to the rag, maybe the size of a quarter to begin with, until you get used to the technique. You may find it easier to use a disposable brush to modulate the quantity you dab on the rag. As you become more adept you will be able to adapt the quantity of paint you use to satisfy both the sheen of the base coat you're working with and the faux finish you're creating.