Tips For Using Elevated Work Platform On Construction Site

Courtesy: tsitraining

Working with the elevated work platforms on construction sites can be a little tricky especially when the safety of the worker is at risk. A while back, risks revolving around EWPs increased greatly. Several construction companies underwent different lawsuits because of on-site accidents including deaths.

The self propelled elevating work platforms offer a safe working environment without putting the operator at risk. However as these are machines and they can malfunction, you need to know the following tips before you set foot on the EWPs:

  • Follow the safety rules

Carefully read all the safety rules set by the company and apply them before working. These regulations have been set by the government to ensure worker’s safety so keep that in mind.

  • Pre-Inspection

Before riding the machine, carry a pre-inspection of it so you are familiar with its working condition. If there is something that doesn’t quite match up to the usual, report it immediately to the authorities and refrain from using the machine until it is in a perfect condition.

  • Workplace inspection

Look for possible hurdles in your route such as holes and drop offs, as these machines are elevated and have smaller tires. The chances of the machine slipping or tumbling are quite high.

  • Wear protective gear

Before setting your feet on the machine make sure that you wear the proper suit for maximum protection. Sometimes a severe injury could be avoided if you wear the right clothing and gear.

Lastly, never lean against the guardrails and don’t jump off the EWP until it stops completely.