You Can Carry Out An AFP Police Check Online

If you are required to have a police check done and you are from Australia then you would probably be considering going for an afp criminal history check. It all depends upon the kind of job that you may be applying for as certain categories of employment do require police checks as part of their recruitment procedures.

It all depends upon the nature of job that you are looking to do as not every category of job that you could be getting into would require that you submit your police background report. It would therefore be a good idea for you to start looking for the best way to go ahead and get a police check done which is usually about your criminal background check.

Even if you do not suspect having committed any crime in the past, it would still be a good idea for you to go ahead and get a police check done so that you know exactly what is held on record for you.

Sometimes, cases of mistaken identity could also tarnish your reputation and without knowing what is held by the police with regards to your criminal background record, it would be difficult for you to fix any issues that you may have with it.

The best solution is therefore to go ahead and look for the right channel or website where you could be getting your afp police check or criminal background report which you could use for your own knowledge as well as for any jobs that you may be looking to apply.

Fire Protection Tips for Oil and Gas Worksites

Oil and gas worksites consist of flammable materials making the environment a very dangerous one. In such cases i is very important to give extra attention to fire protection.  It is very essential to control fire hazards in order to ensure that safety of workers at refining, extraction and other sites. Below are a few tips to improve fire protection for workers:


1. Assessing vulnerabilities at a workplace

Only a thorough inspection can tell if the worksite is safe from any fire accidents or has any unexpected fire vulnerabilities on site. It is suggested that extra attention is given to areas where workers are at a higher risk for explosions and fires like those where workers are performing tasks like welding or are exposed to flammable tools. Look for places where fire protection equipment is malfunctioning or is old. Replace old fire control equipment frequently and also ensure that it works properly. They should also place safety sign supplies as constant reminder to remain safe.  

2. Worksite should have fire controlling equipment

Workers who use fire hazards, provide them with safety supplies and those supplies should be nearby so worker can easily reach them in case of any emergency. Workers should be provided by emergency which they can use in case fire starts.

3. Install alert systems employees to fire risk

In case fire starts it is very essential that workers are warned instantly so they can vacate the work area or the building. Implement a mass notification system and emergency that will alert employees to the fire. 

These are a few tips that will you to improve fire protection system at worksite.