Space Costume Ideas That Are Out of This World

Space fancy dress costumes, which are worn at costume parties throughout the year, come in two chief categories: those that are science based and those that are science fiction based. By science centered, I mean space fancy dress outfits that have been inspired by real life events, such as the space race and the moon landings.

Meanwhile, science fiction based clothes are those space fancy dress costumes that have been inspired by books, films, television series or other works of fiction. Below are few space costume ideas that are out of this world, two of which are science fiction centered, followed by one that is based on real events. You can also get scary halloween costumes via various websites.

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Based on the outfit worn by Mr. Spock in the 2009 blockbuster film, Star Trek, this iconic blue science fiction top, with its overstated chest badge and golden braid on the cuff, is a very authentic looking costume. There are of course some inordinate accessories to go with your Mr. Spock outfit, including an officially licensed Star Trek Spock wig and a pair of official Mr. Spock ears.

The Stormtrooper outfit is completed by a two-piece black and white helmet, which has foam padding inside for additional comfort. The two pieces of the Stormtrooper helmet fasten together with Velcro, thus covering the head. You are then able to see through the tinted black eye holes at the front.