Retail Operations – Effective Branch Manager Support

As a client how frequently have you experienced bad service from individuals clearly unsuitable for a retail setting?

If that’s the case, you’ve probably wondered why division supervisors tolerate under-performance or inadequate behavior.

The issues and challenges which have to be overcome are numerous and the typical reasons and explanations’ for not doing this are as follows:

It’s Risky –

There’s a stress in the rear of the supervisor’s head that talks could become heated discussions and they might open themselves up for harassment or bullying offenses.

There’s also an issue that staff motivation and ethical might be ruined by handling an under-performer and the staff might even turn against the supervisor.

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It’s Complicated and Tough– Performance and behavior management isn’t straight forward, it’s quite rarely clear cut or white and black.

It’s grey area’ material and frequently involves opinions, feelings and subjectivity. As supervisors feel they can’t measure and justify their worries clearly enough they don’t try to do so.

It’s hard work and time consuming — Most managers believe they don’t have enough opportunity to determine under-performers also its low on the priority listing.

Most supervisors are blind to how an individual is under-performing or acting unacceptably or they don’t see it’s a significant enough problem to handle.