Party Supplies in Bulk for my Grandpa’s Birthday

I have this awesome grandpa whom I love dearly. The best thing about my grandpa is his sense of humor. My grandpa laughs at everything, and himself quite a lot. He’s one of those people who just doesn’t take life too seriously and I’ve never met anyone who’s enjoyed life more. Recently, we threw him a huge 80th birthday party bash. We had over a hundred people there. My grandpa is a big barbeque guy, so we hired a grill man to come with a large grill and cook hot dogs and hamburgers and chicken and steaks for the whole party. We had some sides of potato and macaroni salad, fresh green salad, and fruits brought in from a local store and, of course, we bought a lot of beer and alcohol.

My mom and I didn’t want to rent tableware and glassware. It just wasn’t that type of party. We wanted a much more relaxed feel in keeping with the barbeque theme, but we also didn’t want to use ugly, boring generic white paper plates and things like that. It was his 80th birthday after all.

I went online to this party supply website I had heard of that boasted party supplies in bulk. I had a friend who recently used this online resource and she had found great discount party supplies and bulk party supplies for a birthday party for her son. Discount and bulk were music to my ears, being that we were serving so many people. Anyway, I knew they were good, but I was shocked at the number of choices there were. They had 50s themed party supplies, luau party supplies, casino party supplies, baby shower party supplies, and the list could just keep going. I found these hysterical “over the hill” birthday party supplies in bulk that I knew my grandpa would get a kick out of. I got this great lawn sign that read “Happy Birthday to the ‘Old Buzzard.’”It was awesome.

I also got this hysterical party decoration that looked like the yellow police tape they block off crime scenes with only it had “Senior moment in progress” written all across it. I placed the tape around the entire perimeter of my parent’s backyard. The site also had all these great gag party supplies like an “Old Fart” fan and an over the hill jumbo bib, which my grandpa proudly wore while devouring his hot dog and hamburger. I was able to get festive plates, napkins, cups, and tablecloths as well – all from this one site and all at a great price!

My grandpa had a really fun birthday party, let me tell you. He laughed and laughed over all the little touches of humor my mom and I inserted into the day for him. It was a wonderful party, truly.