eyesThe tired eyes, surrounded, inflated, would you partied recently? do not panic, here are some remedies to help you find the keen eye and to remove dark circles.

Against swollen eyes, apply cold Moisten with cold water compresses (or floral water) you will apply then on your eyes. you can apply cold cucumber slices instead compresses, but the effect is the same. the virtues of cucumber are just a myth and the effects are probably due to the simple hydration provided by the washers (cucumber is a vegetable rich in water). Other technique, more toned, apply ice directly one wrapped in a cloth own.

Against dark circles and tired eyes, moisturize After removing the pads, thoroughly dry your eyes and apply a moisturizing eye cream. if you have a special cream concealer, this is the time.

Against bags under the eyes, massage If your eyes are swollen, very gently massage the eye contour with the tip of your index finger. starting from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner. Then, gently smooth the eye contour by pressing lightly point by point.

Grandmother Remedies against dark circles and bags under the eyes , you can apply chamomile bags (if you do not have one, take tea ). let steep chamomile few minutes then let cool bags before applying them before your eyes. makeup Side One last tip, not too much makeup. if you have a stick or a concealer corrector, it should be just a shade lighter than your foundation.

Also … Enjoy all this care to rest and relax. drink plenty of water and adopt a light diet, low in fat and animal products (meat, cheese, cold cuts) but rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grains preference. prevent yourself from tobacco and alcohol. if you can, do a little physical activity ….