How many coins can you have?

To be honest, I think I have a few hundreds of thousands between all my accounts with different games. Don’t worry I haven’t paid a small fortune for them, I’m using social game hacks most of them all online and love them as they provide what I’m looking for without any fear that my accounts will get banned. I never heard anybody saying that they got caught as all of my friends are using them to generate as little as possible. Don’t things that you can generate 9.999.999 coins and get away with it. When it comes to money everybody is extra careful and I understand that you should too!

The most premium coins I’ve generated at one time was 2.000 to research some building on Clash of Clans, but I did it a few times in a week so the numbers may be a bit off but nobody will dig deep for you.

The best tool that I found is made by Xpress Soft and you can find them here, they have a bid database of social media game hacks that you can access for free. Like I’ve been telling you all along, use small increments and generate multiple times over the course of weeks. You can’t physically spend 1000 premium coins in a couple of hours, but you can in a day or two and you will have some of the most powerful cities in the game!