Heart Garland: A Unique Valentines Day Decor

Heart garland is an exciting valentines day decor item. The valentine's day heart garland is such a nice gift for your valentine that lets you express your feelings and emotions for your valentine in a romantic manner. You will need to have a few things which you use in your daily life to make this Valentines day decor item.

You will need to have some different colored threads, set of ribbons, scissors and safety pins. Thread the ribbons into the shape of small hearts. Put the hearts on one line giving some gap between them. Line the ribbon along with them and set the length to a total of 8 inches. With the help of a knife, make a small slit at a length of half an inch above the tip and half an inch below the top. Cut the slits to half inches and repeat the procedure for each heart. You may make two slits at each heart to speed up the making process. Move your ribbon from all of your hearts to complete the making of your valentine's day heart Garland. Wrap it around the centerpiece of your dining table or around any other decor item at your house to make the heart Garland look even more beautiful.