Sweet productsFrom our earliest years, we have a natural preference for sugar. This essential element in our body gives it the energy it needs to function, particularly in cases of stress.But, from a nutritional point of view, certain sugars are more beneficial than others.

This family of particularly large food includes all food products with a large sweet taste.They include: The various treats, candies , Jams, The chocolate bars, fruit pastes, sugar irrespective of its form,Syrups, Honey Nougat, The Bubble Gum, Chocolate Spreads. It also gives name to the family as the “empty calories” because of the low nutritional value of these foods.

Indeed, their first feature is their high intake of simple carbohydrates. Also found in some preparations lot of fat. Sugary products are generally made ​​from sugar syrup, oil, cream or butter, chocolate, and sometimes nuts.These ingredients give them a density very high energy (a lot of energy in a small volume) and low nutritional density (low quality nutrients such as vitamins, proteins, minerals and fiber salts for a given volume).

Logically, calories from this type of food (including table sugar) should not exceed more than 10% of our total daily energy intake. Sugary products have, within our power, an important role in the hedonistic and gustatory level. They provide pleasure and immediate satisfaction.

Despite this, take care not to abuse since they can be a source of overweight with weight gain more or less if consumption becomes too substantial. These foods take on their interest as part of an effort (hiking , skiing, cycling …) or during recovery as possible to bring a lot of energy very quickly and in a small volume, which gives them an undeniable advantage to take them anywhere