Get Rid Of Ants From Your Home

The ant queen has to be killed in order to eliminate ants permanently.  Since the queen is almost always deep in the nest, unless you’re treating the nest straight, the best solution would be to use ant bait. You can also visit  for info regarding pest control services.

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Spraying haphazardly will almost never eliminate ants in actuality, it can actually multiply the problem because some ant species will “marijuana” when stressed, meaning that they will split their colony.

Clean the area where the ant is busy to minimize them but more importantly, to make the lure their only food choice. Pick a liquid or gel ant bait for the best results because the flavor and texture of these are intended to be like ant’s organic food.  Hard baits such as that in stick-on bait stations can be ignored by rodents.

Apply small amounts of the lure in many areas instead of one or two big clumps.  Put it where the ants are seen eating, in their paths if trailing, where they’ve been seen walking and where they’ve been observed entering the region.

Be patient since ant bait works by enabling the worker ants to go back to the nest before perishing, but have faith, the lure is second only to treating the ant nest right to get rid of ants. Remove things which make your house attractive to rodents.

Begin by eliminating clutter as it gives ants somewhere to hide.  Pull back mulch from the base, or even better, put a 1-2 foot layer of pea gravel between the mulch and your dwelling.

 Keep the lawn mower and remove grass and foliage clutter.  Eliminate water by fixing any plumbing leaks and filling low areas that collect rainwater.  Cut back trees, bushes, and other foliage so that it will not contact your residence.