Fabric Printing Techniques Over The time

Screen-printing came to western nations in the late sixteenth century. Since that time several improvements were made to this age-old art of printing but nevertheless, people use the method to generate quality fabric prints.

Digital printing is the modern solution to screen print. Nevertheless, even now every t-shirt manufacturing firm has a Screen-printing section. No print provider depends entirely on electronic print. When it comes to quality nobody can deny the fact that digitally published t-shirts would be the best. Purchase your own designed products at a reasonable price on Fabric Printing Services.

digital printing

This is because electronic printers create computer processed images on the t-shirt with no variation. This gave rise to the civilization of photo-realistic t-shirt prints. However, the application of screen printing is so well recognized that it’s practically impossible to replace the procedure with contemporary practices.

Cost is the major deterrent faced by the digital printing market. Digital printers are too costly and their normal upkeep further adds to its overall price. This discourages several printing companies to embrace digital printing as their mainstream printing technologies. Nevertheless, several advertising companies and paper printing companies rely on digital technologies for creating their printouts. However, the trend isn’t so widespread in fabrics industry. The system of digitally creating images on a fabric is called DTG or Direct To Garment.