Differentiating between veal, lamb and beef

Meat used in cooking to make all sorts of dishes comes from various different animals. However, young adults, and people who are just learning to cook often do not realize the difference between the various kinds of meat. We bring a guide to help you differentiate between three types of meat; Lamb, veal and beef.

  • Lamb

Lamb is part of cattle meat, and primarily comes from male sheep. These sheep are at least a year old when slaughtered. This meat has a very delicate texture, and a lighter flavor than other types of meats. It can get confusing when differentiating lamb from mutton, because both are obtained from the same animal. Mutton is the meat from sheep that is older than year, although typically the age is 3 years. Lamb meat has a reddish pink color.

  • Veal

Veal is one type of beef, or bovine meat that comes from beef cattle. The age of the cattle is typically less than 3 months, although some forms of veal also comes from animals that are almost a year old. The meat looks lean and has a pale pink color, although this darkens with the age of the animal. In Sydney meat delivery is available for veal meat, and one way to check for the age is to look at its color.

  • Beef

Beef comes from beef cattle that are slaughtered 12 months after being born. This meat, unlike veal, is bright red, and is marbled with white fat. The tenderness and the appearance of beef does however vary across breeds, feeds and other factors.

Use this guide for your next meat shopping trip to help you get the best meat.