Back-to-School Quick, Healthy Breakfast Smoothies and Shakes

Back-to-school means that many families must rethink their meal schedules. Many students need to up and out the door so early that there's little time for breakfast. Here are super fast healthy breakfast blender smoothie recipes. Breakfast smoothies and shakes can be made with fresh fruit, juice, milk, plain or vanilla yogurt, soft tofu and eggs, for a healthy, delicious, refreshing energy boost.Commercial breakfast shakes are very high in sugar and many contain artificial ingredients. Children should start their school day with limited amounts of sugar and homemade breakfast shakes make a great alternative. Making your smoothies and breakfast shakes from scratch allows you to monitor how much sugar goes in to the breakfast drink. Be sure to balance the sugar and fat content with a healthy amount of protein. Protein is what gives kids the healthy, lasting energy they need for a busy school day.

Peanut butter protein smoothie: in a blender, mix 8 ounces of milk (plain yogurt or soymilk beverage work well, too), two tablespoons creamy or crunchy peanut butter, fruit juice, jam, preserves, fresh berries, frozen berries or fresh banana. Blend to taste.

Yogurt, cereal and fruit parfait: layer low fat, low sugar vanilla yogurt with fresh sliced bananas, peaches, applies or berries in season. Add a layer of Grape-Nuts, Cheerios, Rice Krispies, Kix, granola, crushed graham crackers crushed nuts or Corn Flakes. To reduce sugar farther, mix fresh fruit with plain yogurt and layer with cereal. Put this healthy parfait in a to-go cup with lid and attach a spoon. Students can eat this breakfast quickie on the run, if necessary.

Fresh fruit smoothie: make an extra super fast smoothie with any 100% fruit juice and milk or cottage cheese. This quick easy beverage has vitamin C and protein. Blend a raw egg or extra silken tofu in for extra protein. Blend cottage cheese to get rid of curds. Add any fresh fruit you like.

Veggie smoothie: V-8 juice or tomato juice mixed with cottage cheese, milk or extra soft tofu, makes a vitamin packed, yummy healthy treat.

Keep sugar to a minimum in these smoothies, by using fresh or frozen fruit instead of juice, low sugar juice, reduced sugar jam or preserves and plain yogurt. With a blender, hand mixer or wire whisk these protein beverages can be made up quickly. Simply rinse the blender, put in the dishwasher or set to soak with hot soapy water to clean. See this website links for more great back-to-school and recipe tips.