Cider vinegarUsed for centuries, cider vinegar is an auxiliary remarkable shape. Since antiquity, renowned scholars already knew the benefits of vinegar to the body and recommended use.

With the return of natural values, the virtues of apple cider vinegar are increasingly solicited. According to studies conducted on the subject, cider vinegar gets first place in home remedies for treating a host of ailments, from arthritis to dry skin.

Some of the properties that give it: Fights fatigue and insomnia;Restores energy; aid in the treatment of arthritis; Combat Obesity (the scientific journal “The Medical World” published a report indicating its effectiveness in weight loss at 1 kilo per month according to tests by consuming 40 g / day of vinegar !!!), Parkinson and hypertension Helps digestion, relieves sore throat and laryngitis; Soothes asthma symptoms or flu; Help maintain healthy skin and reduce the signs of aging; Apple cider vinegar is rich in minerals (including potassium, chlorine, calcium, sulfur, iron, fluorine, silicon), vitamins, amino acids and trace elements.

Several of the above ailments can indeed be created by mineral deficiency. Here is a possible solution … Using vinegar: There are several ways to use apple cider vinegar. The most used is to drink as a drink that is very refreshing: two tablespoons of cider vinegar to a glass of water possibly supplemented with one or two tablespoons of honey (you can start early with one tablespoon of vinegar and honey). There are also apple cider vinegar capsules, sold in pharmacies or health food stores.

People who adopt this choice should however be aware that it is important to drink at least a glass of water with taking gellules. For sinus problems, colds and headaches, we can make cider vinegar inhalations. Two to three tablespoons of cider vinegar to a large bowl of boiling water.

Cover your head over the bowl and breathing vapors. You can also use apple cider vinegar for a relaxing bath. A large glass of apple cider vinegar in the bath water.

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