fragilesCramps, heartburn or gastritis repeat: your stomach is weak and you suffer every day? our tips for effectively relieve naturally.

1. To soothe the stomach: Cabbage juice if your stomach makes you suffer, cabbage juice can help you relieve. cabbage juice makes it possible to soothe the lining while promoting healing in cases of intestinal wounds. to enjoy its benefits, you can buy ready to drink cabbage juice (eg pure white bulbs cabbage juice SUPERDIET at the rate of daily bulb) or prepare it yourself using a centrifuge at a rate of one drink each day until symptoms disappear. of course, you can also eat at meals cabbage (preferably cooked to make it more digestible): white cabbage, green, red, cauliflower and broccoli are your allies!

2. Against burns: The powerful tonic ginger, ginger can also be used in case of stomach pain including burning. it also facilitates digestion and elimination of intestinal gas. know too that it is a very effective anti nauseous? it can be consumed at will and grated fresh in your dishes, as teas (mix 0.5 g of powdered ginger in a cup of hot water and drink slowly, 2-3 times a day) or capsules (2 capsules in the morning and noon to take with meals with a big glass of water.

3. For an antacid effect Mallow is an ideal plant to care for fragile stomachs known for its anti-effects. acids, soothing and anti-inflammatory, it aids in healing by promoting the formation of a protective mucus. to can consume as a tea, hot drink as soon as you experience pain (a dried purple pinch that you will find herbalism, in a cup of simmering water 2 to 3 times per day) of other plants also possess properties close to those of the purple. This is for example the case of licorice, marshmallow or . Roman chamomile yet feel free to vary the pleasures!

4. To relieve stomach cramps: Green clay stomach problems can sometimes be accompanied by painful cramps. to relieve stomach cramps, think green clay (found in pharmacies or health food stores). used as a poultice, it is indeed an ideal natural remedy! pour green clay powder in a bowl and cover with hot water. mix to a paste not too thick and apply to your stomach when pain.let dry and rinse with warm water. you can renew the poultice as often as required.

5. To aid digestion: Anise has long been appreciated for its digestive properties. if you have trouble digesting, so this is a plant of choice that calms abdominal pain of digestive origin. you can eat the star anise (also called star anise) as a tea (1 star anise infused in a cup of warm water after meals, especially those that were rich in fat or loaded), or chew a few grains anise after every meal. for a light and easy digestion!