Sailing in Croatia – The Perfect Way to Go?


Many parts of the Dalmatian coast are perfect. So sailing in Croatia is the lovely way to fascinate your surroundings. This editorial talk over the alternatives available for sailboat charters and the motives behind them.

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There are almost one thousand four hundred islands, that make up the archipelago that goes parallel to the coastline. The Kornati National Park is made up of one hundred of those islands. You can surely escape into a world of exceptional beauty. The islands provide a paradise from yesteryear. You can locate croatia yacht charter with skipper that can make your sea journey more exciting.

Getting On The Water From Croatia

There are 5 standard ports that act as starting points for chartering:






The gapping hole in the list is of course Gulet; As you know the iconic vessel of the region. Providing an even more honest feel to your charter!

The Croatia Rally

Starts at the end of August and sails for 1 week. The rally is organized through devoted chartering companies. A lay day is planned every other day. Allowing crews to praise the beautiful sights and sounds on offer. The Emphasis is on enjoying the moment – having a good time.

Having the planning done for you could be the breath of fresh air you require! From hotels booked at either end of the rally to evening meals and prize giving! The clincher is this: The rally provides sailors with an in depth knowledge of the culture in Croatia. All the magnificence places, whether hidden or not are planned into the journey. 

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