You’ll see that next to nothing can be manufactured vitamins and natural beauty products.

1. To erase a yogurt

rich in fat, plain yogurt is a treasure of benefits for your skin. used face mask, it helps for example to restore and nourish the most parched epidermis. You can also use it as a scrub to regain all soft skin in minutes Recipe for sweet yoghurt scrub: Mix 12 natural yoghurt with a tablespoon of liquid honey. apply on face and leave on until the mask cracks. then exfoliate with fingertips and rinse with clean water before applying your usual moisturizer.

2. An egg white to rejuvenate you just made ​​a cake and you still have an egg white? do not throw it and use it to gives a boost to your skin! it is indeed perfect for firming the skin and create a natural lifting effect. The recipe for lifting mask: break an egg and separate the white from the yolk. Beat the white with a fork and apply gently with a brush after performing a scrub on your face. let dry and remove by rinsing with clear water.

3. Sour cream to moisturize Nothing like fat sour cream to moisturize the driest areas of your body. applied mask, and it overcomes the most dry skins. Hand, she works miracles! The recipe moisturizing hand mask: select an entire thick fresh cream. mix 3 tablespoons with a tablespoon of sweet almond oil and a few drops of lemon juice.wash your hands with soap and apply this mixture with a brush before putting oven gloves to protect your mask the time of the application. leave on for about thirty minutes before rinsing with clean water.

4. a cucumber to cleanse Rich in vitamins, astringent and cleansing, cucumber is ideal for matte complexion and regulate sebum secretion. it can be used as a mask (the famous cucumber slices) but also in lotion. Recipe shine lotion Cucumber: boil 12 liters of water. Grate cucumber and organic pour in boiling water. cook for 5 minutes and then filter the water thus obtained. use as a tonic with a cotton pad. This lotion will keep in the refrigerator 48 hours

5. three carrots for sunbathing Thanks to its high vitamin C and beta carotene, carrot to the coast to give you good-looking! it gives a tanned color to your skin and also helps to fight against aging. The recipe for tanning massage oil: wash and peel carrots 3 before passing them to the centrifuge. pour the juice in a blender and add 3 tablespoons of sweet almond oil. mix a few minutes to emulsify the mixture and use as a massage oil, especially as an after sun. Perfect for building a tan.

6. milk to nourish the skin The softening and nourishing properties of milk are proven. so why not imitate Cleopatra? if you do not have a donkey milk do not worry: you can find quite soft skin in minutes with simple cow milk bath recipe of sweetness: In a saucepan, heat ½ liter of milk and add 4 large tablespoons of honey. mix well. made sink a hot water bath in your tub (at a temperature conveniently located around 38 ° C) and pour the mixture. you unwind for about twenty minutes in the bath, before you simply rinse with clean water.

7. apple juice to erase dandruff A small amazing recipe that will delight all those who suffer from dandruff! through its rebalancing and ultra-soft antiseptic, apple is indeed a great anti-dandruff treatment. The recipe for dandruff lotion: choose a natural apple juice (organic if possible) without added sugar and keep in the refrigerator for that it is fresh. mix 500 ml with 500 ml of water and 150 ml of cider vinegar. Use this mixture as a final rinse after you shampoo.

8. a lemon to whiten nails Lemon is a small treasure of benefits for hands! he indeed has bleaching properties perfect for whitening yellowed nails and make them shine. lemon also promotes growth while strengthening them. The magic recipe: Cut half a lemon and rub your nails for several minutes before rinsing. to feed them, you can pour a few drops of olive oil into the palm of lemon before you use it.