eyesThe tired eyes, surrounded, inflated, would you partied recently? do not panic, here are some remedies to help you find the keen eye and to remove dark circles.

Against swollen eyes, apply cold Moisten with cold water compresses (or floral water) you will apply then on your eyes. you can apply cold cucumber slices instead compresses, but the effect is the same. the virtues of cucumber are just a myth and the effects are probably due to the simple hydration provided by the washers (cucumber is a vegetable rich in water). Other technique, more toned, apply ice directly one wrapped in a cloth own.

Against dark circles and tired eyes, moisturize After removing the pads, thoroughly dry your eyes and apply a moisturizing eye cream. if you have a special cream concealer, this is the time.

Against bags under the eyes, massage If your eyes are swollen, very gently massage the eye contour with the tip of your index finger. starting from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner. Then, gently smooth the eye contour by pressing lightly point by point.

Grandmother Remedies against dark circles and bags under the eyes , you can apply chamomile bags (if you do not have one, take tea ). let steep chamomile few minutes then let cool bags before applying them before your eyes. makeup Side One last tip, not too much makeup. if you have a stick or a concealer corrector, it should be just a shade lighter than your foundation.

Also … Enjoy all this care to rest and relax. drink plenty of water and adopt a light diet, low in fat and animal products (meat, cheese, cold cuts) but rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grains preference. prevent yourself from tobacco and alcohol. if you can, do a little physical activity ….


spicesA diet rich in spices reduce negative physiological reactions, including the cardiovascular, due to the consumption of high fat meals. that’s what reports a penn university research team to state usa In general, consume a high-fat meal increases blood triglyceride levels with the long-term consequence of increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

A study seems to show that to spice up these high-fat dishes would cut about 30 percent this postprandial rise in triglyceride levels compared to the same non-spicy meal. Spicy vs non spicy West and its colleagues prepared meals for two days to six men aged between 30 and 65 years in good health despite being overweight.

The researchers added two tablespoons of spices to each serving of the test meal, which consisted of chicken curry, Italian herb bread and a cinnamon biscuit. the meal was identical control, except that it was devoid of spices. After each meal, the team tested the blood of participants every 30 minutes for three hours. spices used were rosemary, oregano, cinnamon, turmeric, black pepper, cloves, garlic powder and paprika. the authors state that these spices were chosen because they all have powerful antioxidant activity has been demonstrated in controlled studies.

Promising results The results of this test showed that, during the consumption of food containing a mixture of spices The antioxidant activity of participants was increased by 13 percent and decreased insulin response by about 20 percent compared to those who consumed the same non-spicy meals. Many scientists believe that oxidative stress contributes to cardiovascular diseases, the arthritis and diabetes. the presence of antioxidants in the diet may therefore contribute significantly to the reduction of oxidative stress and reduce the risk of chronic disease significantly.

Also spices, there are many sources of antioxidants in the diet such as fruits, vegetables, red wine or dark chocolate. The authors of the study also indicated that adding two tablespoons soup spices to meals consumed by the participants did not cause gastrointestinal problems in the latter. other studies will be conducted to see if similar results can be achieved with lower doses of spices.


trace elements
Where are they?
Properties Contributions
Calcium Cheese, Dairy Products, full meal, almonds, hazelnuts, sesame, parsley, turnip greens, dried figs, wheat germ … – Formation of bones and teeth.
– Blood clotting.
– Control of the nervous system and heart rate.
Minerals 600 to 1.4 mg
Chrome Whole grains, seafood, meat, offal, egg yolks, yeast, thyme, pepper, brown sugar … – Metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, proteins. Mineral salts0.05 to 0.2 mg
Cobalt Leafy vegetables, whole grains, legumes, egg yolk … – Protein metabolism. 0.13 micro g
(0.00013 mg)
Copper Whole grains, dried yeast, wheat germ and bran, green vegetables, seafood, liver, nuts, plums … – Enzyme Systems.
– Combat stress.
Mineral salts2-3 mg
Iron Offal, black pudding, meat, egg yolks, fish, wholemeal bread, wholemeal pasta, pulses, dates, millet, tahini, vegetables and dried fruit, green leafy vegetables (watercress …), etc. – Transport of oxygen through the body essential component of red blood cells …
– Training hemoglobin and myoglobin.
– Enzymatic activity.
Mineral salts10 to 20 mg
Fluorine Mineral water, tap water, fluoridated salt … – Prevention of tooth decay. 1 mg
Iodine Sea salt (unrefined), seafood, seaweed, fish, meat, vegetables, turnip, onion, watercress, green beans, radishes … – Formation of thyroid hormones, fetal development …. Minerals from 0.10 to 0.12 mg
Magnesium Whole grains, wheat germ, green leafy vegetables, soybeans, white beans, rice, peas, lentils, wholemeal bread, citrus, apples, nuts, hazelnuts, almonds, chocolate, fish … – Operation of muscles, nerves, intestines, active enzymes, works synergistically with calcium strengthens the immune … Minerals 350 mg
Manganese Wholegrain cereals, wholemeal bread, nuts, vegetables and pulses, artichoke, cloves, pineapple, tea, nuts, ginger, cloves … – Activator enzimes, helps absorb iron, strengthens the natural defenses, useful for the brain, liver, kidneys … Mineral salts4-20 mg
Molybdenum Whole grains, legumes, soy, eggs … – Enzyme activity 0.1 mg
Phosphorus Dairy products, eggs, meat, fish, rice, peas, lentils, white beans, wholemeal bread, vegetables and dried fruit, almonds, hazelnuts … – Establishment and strengthening of bones.
– muscular and cerebral Energizing, promotes the proper functioning of nerve cells …
Mineral salts1000 mg
Potassium Yeast, wine, vegetables and dried fruits, fruit and vegetables, meat, fish … – Contraction of muscles and heart.
– Transmission of nerve impulses.
4-6000 mg
Selenium Whole grains, wheat germ, brewer’s yeast, meat, eggs, offal, onion, garlic, cabbage … – Fight against free radicals.
– Aging.
– Protection of cell membranes.
– Immune.
– Blood clotting.
Minerals 0.07 mg
Silicon Whole grains, beer, silica, shallot, garlic, beet, sugar cane … – Bone growth (bone calcification.
– Training of cartilage.
– elasticity of connective tissue …
Mineral salts20 to 30 mg
Sodium Salt, cold cuts, cheese, canned … – Distribution of water in the body. 1000 to 5000 mg
Sulfur High protein foods, garlic, onions … – Composition of the protein structure 850 mg
Vanadium Rice, pepper, vegetable fats, spinach, tuna, beef liver, wine, beer … – Enzyme Activity.
– calcium transport.
– Sodium and potassium.
Minerals0.018 to 0.025 mg
Zinc Seafood, fish, liver, lamb, red meat, grains, oats, seeds, wheat germ, brewer’s yeast, almonds, dried vegetables … – Promotes Operates in the pancreas, concentration …
– Synthesis of proteins.
– Use of carbohydrates.
– Renewal of cells.
– Wound healing and anti-free radical.
Mineral salts10 to 15 mg



fragilesCramps, heartburn or gastritis repeat: your stomach is weak and you suffer every day? our tips for effectively relieve naturally.

1. To soothe the stomach: Cabbage juice if your stomach makes you suffer, cabbage juice can help you relieve. cabbage juice makes it possible to soothe the lining while promoting healing in cases of intestinal wounds. to enjoy its benefits, you can buy ready to drink cabbage juice (eg pure white bulbs cabbage juice SUPERDIET at the rate of daily bulb) or prepare it yourself using a centrifuge at a rate of one drink each day until symptoms disappear. of course, you can also eat at meals cabbage (preferably cooked to make it more digestible): white cabbage, green, red, cauliflower and broccoli are your allies!

2. Against burns: The powerful tonic ginger, ginger can also be used in case of stomach pain including burning. it also facilitates digestion and elimination of intestinal gas. know too that it is a very effective anti nauseous? it can be consumed at will and grated fresh in your dishes, as teas (mix 0.5 g of powdered ginger in a cup of hot water and drink slowly, 2-3 times a day) or capsules (2 capsules in the morning and noon to take with meals with a big glass of water.

3. For an antacid effect Mallow is an ideal plant to care for fragile stomachs known for its anti-effects. acids, soothing and anti-inflammatory, it aids in healing by promoting the formation of a protective mucus. to can consume as a tea, hot drink as soon as you experience pain (a dried purple pinch that you will find herbalism, in a cup of simmering water 2 to 3 times per day) of other plants also possess properties close to those of the purple. This is for example the case of licorice, marshmallow or . Roman chamomile yet feel free to vary the pleasures!

4. To relieve stomach cramps: Green clay stomach problems can sometimes be accompanied by painful cramps. to relieve stomach cramps, think green clay (found in pharmacies or health food stores). used as a poultice, it is indeed an ideal natural remedy! pour green clay powder in a bowl and cover with hot water. mix to a paste not too thick and apply to your stomach when pain.let dry and rinse with warm water. you can renew the poultice as often as required.

5. To aid digestion: Anise has long been appreciated for its digestive properties. if you have trouble digesting, so this is a plant of choice that calms abdominal pain of digestive origin. you can eat the star anise (also called star anise) as a tea (1 star anise infused in a cup of warm water after meals, especially those that were rich in fat or loaded), or chew a few grains anise after every meal. for a light and easy digestion!



1) 70 heart beats per minute

beyond, the pace is too fast and that speed is a long-term risk of cardiovascular plan. to measure heart rate, just a watch with a second. it only remains to take her pulse and count the number of beats in one minute. to do when you are at least 30 minutes in a quiet, dark place (it is less irritating to the body).must perform three measurements and calculate the average. an annual audit at home or to the doctor, especially for sedentary and smokers, is recommended.

2) 0.8 the breath indicator This is the figure that appears in a breath test to measure breath.for this a small electronic spirometer is used (piko-6® type or neo-6®, about 65 €) at home or to the doctor.After a deep breath, exhale into the mouthpiece of the spirometer mini: it measures the maximum flow of expiration to 1 second and 6 seconds and calculate the ratio between the two, which will indicate the quality of the breath: at -dessus 0.8 is good. of 0.7 to 0.8, breathing is not at the top and additional tests are needed.below 0.7, bronchial obstruction is likely. without waiting for a check if you are a smoker, allergic, if you have a dry cough at night or simply crazy laugh us out of steam. has done annually for others.

3) 14: the limit of hypertension Ah, blood pressure! if there are 14 for systolic pressure measures the pressure in the arteries when the heart contracts (the first number) andor 9 for diastolic, when the heart expands (second digit) is too many . Good to know: if one is predisposed to hypertension familialement, one can invest in a self-pharmacy blood pressure (from 45 €). Taking the measure three times in the morning at sunrise, before treatment and at bedtime after a 10 minute break, and this three days in a row (rule of three), before making an average.

4) 1.10 gl: maximum rate of blood sugar fasting Above is a sign of concern. Indeed, between 1.10 and 1.26 gl, it is considered that there is an intolerance to sugar, to watch closely (every 3 months) and to correct quickly by better lifestyle. when the rate exceeds 1.26 gl taken during two consecutive blood, diabetes is no doubt. the doctor may request a blood glucose in a laboratory on the occasion of a pill or prescription due to weight gain or finally for simple check (at least every ten years).

5) 15 μgl. .. ouch, we lack almost iron! Below this rate on a result of blood tests, it is deficiency state. ferritin not part of systematic reviews, the doctor prescribed if one is tired, out of breath faster and more prone to infections, or if you have very heavy periods (more than one in five women lack of iron before menopause).

6) 6 mgl to measure our reactive protein c The crp, kézako? the dosage of this protein is part of the basic laboratory tests requested by the doctor when ill. its rate is normally less than 6 mgl but can increase locally when taking estrogen (pill or hormone treatment of menopause) or when inhaling cigarette smoke. it increases especially quickly in the event of infection, inflammatory disease or cancer. in this case, is the persistence of high crp giving warning …

7) 10 … μuil tsh (thyroid stimulating hormone) With this value on account of our blood test, we s ‘nervous about thyroid.this sharp rise, associated with signs that do not lie (mental and physical fatigue, weight gain, nervousness, constipation, irregular cycles), indicating hypothyroidism due to a slowing of the thyroid. conversely, a decrease tsh (less than 0.1 μuil) while one is constantly on the nerves resulting hyperthyroidism.

8) 2 cholesterol gl Our female hormones protect us until about 55 effects damaging a high cholesterol: more than 2 gl. But this overall figure needs to be finely analyzed. thus it are settled into two sub-categories: HDL (good cholesterol) and LDL (bad cholesterol). hopefully, our hdl rate is greater than 0.5 gl and that of LDL, less than 1.6 gl. and if it is the latter figure that increases, opt for a less fatty diet.

9) 88 cm waistline When one exceeds this figure, it is often a sign of an unhealthy lifestyle. gold, a large study of 45,000 nurses for sixteen years showed a clear link between waist circumference and certain diseases. thus, women with a waist circumference greater than 88 cm had twice the risk of cardiovascular disease or diabetes than those whose size was less than 70. So they released their meter every year seamstress to note the measurement and evolution.

10) 25, the key figure of the Body Mass Index This is the figure mark of our build. they call bmi (body mass index) or body mass index (bmi) is calculated by taking the weight divided by their height squared. for example, for a woman of 1.70 m and 58 kg, that makes 58: 1.70 x 1.70 = 20. 20 to 25, corpulence is normal, but from 25, one is overweight . beyond 30, it is obese.

When the figures are no longer sufficientpunctually Having a figure abnormal indicator is meaningless, because it does not treat an analysis result, but a person. however, it is different if the abnormal result and that continues to think well this is commonplace symptoms (fatigue, breathlessness on exertion) that had been set a bit too fast on the account of our days Extension! in this case, a single reflex: a visit to the doctor.


functional food


There is no real definition of functional food.

This term was coined by the food industry. A nutraceutical combines the concept of drug and the concept of food. It’s about highlighting a nutrient that is added to the current food (yogurt, oils, margarines.). The functional foods are produced in different ways: – Either incorporating something – either increasing the concentration – either is removed – either modifying the downstream supply ( eg feeding chickens to control the quality of their eggs). The main components of functional foods are: –

The sterols that lower cholesterol . – Omega 3 that decrease cardiovascular risks – Probiotics that help strengthen the natural defenses. – Antioxidants retard cellular aging and cardiovascular disease. The consumer does not know what to think, these products are mixed with other stall on the supermarket, so it consumes as a normal product, no real monitoring, but this episodic consumption is it good for something other than the manufacturer’s wallet? fad or not?

The nutraceuticals are everyday food products that are supposed to make you more beautiful, more intelligent, level your deficiency for that they are to be effective it must consume the right dose, which is not well defined. On 1 July 2007, an EU directive aimed at regulating the claims made ​​on the labels of these nutraceuticals is implemented. This obliges industrial testing these products through an independent laboratory, to avoid any quackery and offer the consumer the actual qualities of the product. In Europe it is forbidden to put forward therapeutic for diseases (good for cancer), we remains cautious because the studies are not sufficiently advanced and the decline is not important enough to have real claims.

There is no scientific consensus for asserting their protective role. In some countries there is no regulation via the allegations and industry do not hesitate to tout their products as drugs, you chews against colds, drinks against influenza Instead of going to the people going to the supermarket pharmacy! L food processing and pharmaceutical industries have in my view two very different roles. Some studies on sterols and probiotics demonstrate the positive effects of their consumption on health, but the quantities that should ingest are too important and the effects long term are unknown. Indeed, it would consume three doses of actimel day this is hardly feasible without being at the expense of other foods and unaffordable for the majority of the population. When fortified foods (cereals fortified with vitamins), Landing our supposed shortcomings, there are really helpful knowing that a very small percentage of the population suffers from deficiency? We can not supplement the whole population for some cases of deficiencies.

Conclusion Certainly we do are only human beings and our diet is not always perfect, but food should be fun and a response to the needs. We can incorporate these functional foods in our diet while having in mind that eating a yoghurt will not drop our cholesterol levels by a miracle! But as against it contributes to the enrichment of big food companies. As I loop this article, a dairy specialty supposed to reduce our food intake just released on the market, I do not doubt its effectiveness, it is too early, but the solution is not.

Wanting force compensate for deficiencies that do not exist, is not shorted to poisoning overload? The researchers take very seriously the studies conducted on the effects of certain nutrients on our health but at the moment everything is still to prove. A balanced diet that is the most important, it will cost much less in your wallet and all what your body needs to be brought to him.



Women often manage less well to completely relax to forget all the worries of everyday life. and for good reason, the female brain would have a lower capacity to rest than men. a difference that might find its source in the levels of sex hormones. In the image of an internet network where, whatever the hour, internet users are always connected, our brain is never completely at rest.

Even when not thinking of anything, especially a neural circuit, the default network is still active. it is this network that activates when we begin to daydream, but for more important tasks, it is the executive network that activates that allows to solve complex cognitive problems. In patients with psychiatric disorders such depression, Alzheimer’s disease or schizophrenia, the default network is known to be disturbed. to better understand these differences, the brains of men and women and schizophrenics healthy volunteers were analyzed using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) based on the observation of oxygenation of certain zones by blood.

The images of brain areas activated were obtained while performing tasks requiring concentration (mental rotation of a three-dimensional figure) or between two years (rest). the researchers expected to obtain significant differences between schizophrenics and healthy people. This is what was observed but as a bonus, the team uncovered a difference in brain function between man and woman.

Blame the default network Regarding the healthy people, the parietal cortex and lateral prefrontal (which belong to the default network) are better irrigated and thus significantly activated in men when the job rotation, but not in women. at rest, the default network is more active hand in women than in men. These results indicate that the female brain has a lower ability to rest, as if women were always thinking that they had just or that they were going to do later, when the men in them seem further away from these concerns. increased brain activity in women rest might explain their ability to perform several tasks simultaneously and be more introspective, says Adrianna Mendrek, who led the study published in the journal schizophrenia research.

Testosterone, the difference key Cerebral gender? Surprisingly, this finding is the opposite of the one highlighted in schizophrenic subjects. the brain activity of sick women is more like that of healthy men, and vice versa. Moreover, while men generally succeed better than women three-dimensional mental tasks, schizophrenic women performed better than their male associates.

The extent of male hormone (testosterone) could perhaps explain phenomenon. Women with schizophrenia have higher testosterone levels than healthy women and men schizophrenic conversely a lower rate than healthy men.These measures have shown a correlation between brain activity and testosterone, but allow to assert the existence of a causal link. Moreover, the differences in question remain low and are not identified in all states schizophrenia Adrianna Mendrek. further work must therefore complete these results.